Our Mission

Lasell College’s Graphic Design League was formed in the fall term of 2005 to encourage a spirit of unity, collaboration and professionalism in Lasell College’s graphic arts community. It is our intention to promote connected learning experiences for students with the larger communities of Boston and beyond.


  • Design and Production of TARNISHED Magazine
  • Design and Production of POLISHED Magazine
  • Individual and Group Exhibitions
  • Visiting Artist Series – lectures and presentations
  • Networking with Graphic Design Professionals
  • Marketing Experience
  • Design Studio for the Lasell College Campus

Benefits of the Organization

  • It’s fun and a great learning experience
  • Collaborations with upper and lower class members in the Graphic Design Department
  • Single source of information about the activities in Graphic Design, on and off campus
  • Graphic Design Program Development – when the department grows with committed students it will attract more talented students
  • Increase visibility on campus and beyond with a reputation for excellence
  • Being an officer or a member of GDL is a great addition to a resume