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Playing Cards

A resident of Lasell Village and competitive bridge player has requested a special project! He wants to continue playing card games but it is getting more difficult for him to read his playing cards. This huge project will require a

The Laramie Project

This project is in collaboration with the Lasell College Drama Club. The designer will be contacting the director for information, and then designing the promotional graphics for the spring 2017 play: The Laramie Project. We want to be as respectful

Moe Millions Clothing

Here is an opportunity to work with Dannie Moore, a student here at Lasell College who designs and sells his own clothing. Someone who takes on this project will be expected to design a few layouts and graphics for the

Service and Social Justice Recognition Banquet

The Center for Community Based Learning has come to us for some help designing a graphic for their banquet coming up in the spring semester. This banquet honors all students, faculty, and community members. There is a lovely dinner, performances,

Social Media Graphics for the Athletic Department

This project has been requested by our Lasell College Athletic Department. They are requesting graphics to use on social media accounts, primarily instagram, so the size is a 4 x 4 inch square. The colors requested are Carolina Blue, White,

2017 Library Posters

We have been recruited a second time by the library! This time they would like: More posters to fill their 20 empty spaces! More than 20 are welcome to be sent in, they will be put on a rotation throughout

RIA House – Creating Safe Homes

RIA House is a developing service organization committed to creating a home community in central Massachusetts with adult women who have experienced sexual slavery, exploitation and trafficking. They are trying to help the girls (12 years old and up) exploited

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Center for Community-Based Learning


The Center for Community-Based Learning is looking for a graphic design student or students to update their current logo. The Center sent us a copy of their current logo (on left). Initially, they were hoping to be able to change the

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Lasell College Football Club Logo

Using the Lasell colors (white, light blue, navy blue) and the image of a football, make a logo for the Lasell College football club. They have requested that their twitter handle @Lasellcollegefootbalclub in the logo somewhere (perhaps as a banner